miercuri, 6 septembrie 2023

Hackney Diamonds (2023)

The Rolling Stones just announced live their first album in 18 years (following 2005's A Bigger Bang!) It's their 24th British album (and US 26th) !!!

HACKNEY DIAMONDS,  well, 59 years after their 1st album.

It's their first album without Charlie Watts (some tracks were recorded with him)

Here's the live event on you tube: 

(it all starts at minus 44 min. in) 

Hosted by Jimmy Fallon !  See here the whole album presented in conversation with Jimmy F !

New single and video, "Angry" !!!

The 12 track album will be released worldwide on 20th October 2023.

The Stones have released in the last years new songs: 

during the lockdown, Living in A Ghost Town (April 2020), 

Criss Cross (July 2020) & Scarlet (August, 2020)

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