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Top 5 series of 2023 (+2)

 Top films of 2023 here.

Top 5 SERIES/2023:

Fargo season 5 -fx -amazingly how this can be so good...though there is on more episode, it will end on Jan. 16 2024 ! Funf**k*ng fantastik Finale ! See the Biskuik post here...

Fargo series have been my favorite year by year (season 1 back in 2014 wow, ten years now !!!, season 2 in 2015, and also I watched again season 2 & 3 during the pandemic on prime (where they ain't anymore). My favourite it's still season Two. Season 3 was on #7 in 2017, and season 4 on #1 in 2020. Season 5 is an absolute rewatchable jewel, with Jon Hamm's career's best as sheriff Roy, "he's Gary Cooper", a freaky Tiger-Juno Temple and a mesmerizing Sam Spruell as Ole Munch.

"When i was a child freedom was a potato" (Munch), that reminded me of The Tin Drum. 

Succession (I saw it all this year) HBO max, greatness (see my thoughts here)

Justified: Primeval City -on A. Prime , a spin-off mostly but made me recoup the Justified series too.

Copenhagen Cowboy -miniseries, Netflix, I guess it wont be a series 2;) -NWR (see my thoughts here)

Barry -season 4 (final season) HBO Max -weirder than all before, but just to to put a coda on Bill Hader's odyssey. Barry was on my top 2022 too. 


also saw older fares, but great stuff !!!

LOUDERMILK -3 seasons (2017-2020), with a great Ron Livingston (thanx, Doc ;) 


Documentary Now! (2015-2019, 4 seasons x 6 eps.), the spoof by Bill Hader, Seth Meyers & Fred Armisen, hilarious mockumentary stuff. Loved especially the takes on Robert Evans (Mr. Runner Up), Herzog/Kinski (Soldier of Illusion) , Nanuk the Esqimo (Kanuk), The Talking Heads (Final Transmission), The Eagles (the Blue Jean Commitee). I guess it was too smart and sophisticated but I had a blast !!! Highly recommended. You just got to know the helps ;)

Rolling Stone named it:  Documentary Now!' Is Pure, 100-Percent Film-Nerd Catnip !!!

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