miercuri, 31 mai 2023

Succession (2018-2023)

RIP Succession (HBO)

After 4 intense seasons -actually they could've done in in three...too much repetition of weddings, anniversaries, team buildings, board meetings and corporate and family cliffhangers...

tho I believe it to be one of the most poignant series in recent (and not only) Television series.

         My favourite character was Kendall Roy played with uncanny intensity by Jeremy Strong.

I mean, I went for the series because of Brian Cox (Logan Roy, the Patriarch, and the king of F**k off's) & mostly because of a mention in the HBO documentary House of Hammer, but I got under the spell of the three siblings, intolerable brat Romulus/Rome-Kieran Culkin, vitriolic Shiv Shiobahn-Sarah Snook and Ken-Kendall, the chief conspirator. Also in the shade lures Alan Ruck as the elder Connor Roy. Most shakesperian show there ever was, empahasis on a King Lear riff mixed with poisonous Richard III, some Great Dane Hamlets and all the Tituses, Coriolanus, Yagos and Poloniuses there are. All in the world of mega-media corporate royalty, which means they're worse than murderers & thick as thieves.

Cynicism, black humour and sarcasm galore. A chronicle of our vulgar & tabloid age. An absolute  classic.

The Guardian on the ending of the series, calling it better than Sopranos ending,  and "probably the most feel-bad ending in TV history".

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