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Alice Cooper - Road (2023)

“I know you’re looking for a real good time. So, let me introduce you to a friend of mine. I’m Alice.

I’m the Master of Madness; the Sultan of Surprise…so don’t be afraid, just look into my eyes.”

(I'm Alice", song #1)


The new album from The Coop,  my favourite shocker-still the punk riot teenage rascal at 75!!!,s

Just saw him 3 months ago again with 'em Hollywood Vampires.

Out on August 25t, his 22nd studio album !!! following "Detroit Stories", issued in 2021. 

Again produced by his "partner in crime", Bob Ezrin, it's a very simple rock 'n roll concept, life (& death) on The Road (=touring).

Guitars: Ryan Roxie, Tommy Henricksen and Nita Strauss.

guest: Tom Morello on "White Line Frankenstein"

“White Line Frankenstein is a monster that we created. It’s a truck driver who’s been out there a long time. He's the king of the road. He doesn't live in a house. He lives in that truck,” Alice says. “In the song, this surreal tough guy is driving on white lines for his whole life. So, ‘White Line Frankenstein’ would be his CB handle. It’s monstrous and definitely a stage song.”

politically incorrect song: "Big Boobs", most fun and so are Alice's comments on the Woke movement, so he just got fired from the cosmetics firm he advertised. 

my favourite, introspective 110 More Miles (#12, and last song). 

cheesiest song, the obligatory ballad, Baby, Please Don't Go -not so much...

Bonus, #13, a personal energetic rendition of The Who's Magic Bus (The Who being Alice's favourite band...)

AllMusic review here: 4 stars out of five.


you can find the album on all here.

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