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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023)

Saw the fifth INDY on premiere day -June 30, on a huuuge screen and liked it (it's already controversial and I don't understand the badmouth, never compare with the original trilogy! That was four decades ago...I was fearful to be dissapointed. After all I am a fan for life of the character and his adventures. Less crystal skulls. The film, after a wait of 15 years since the fourth one, was touching and heartfelt old-fashioned and James Mangold did a great job! There are four screenwriters credited including David Koepp and Mangold himself. Probably more hands and brains there. It's a dignifying end chapter, with old wisdom and even bitterness of a lost era. Also a lost era of filmmaking.

John Williams' score is magnificent and elegant (the Maestro is 91 now and came again out of retirement, as he did it again for The Fablemans, I guess this will be his final score...just when you hear the musical theme you get goosebumps, well, I did), Harrison Ford (81 in 13 days!!!, and he was 78 while filming) is THE INDY (the de-aging at the beginning it's Ok as they said it will be, not grand but works here as opposed to The Irishman and other films) and the girl, Helena (his goddaughter) - brit Phoebe Waller_Bridge (Fleabag series) is a very nice female companion, like a version of Katherine Hepburn on the African Queen days, Mads Mikkelsen is brilliant (as always and he made history as the villain in both Bond (Le Chiffre in Casino Royale) and Indiana Jones franchises!, same as Julian Glover...), Boyd Hollbrook great baddie, plus some nice cameos (no spoliers here!). I liked the new kid, Teddy (Ethann Isidore), Thomas Kretchmann ("Spoils of war go to victors"), Toby Jones (Basil Shaw, Helena's father), Olivier Richters-the tall henchman (2m18”!!!), the nice and touching Antonio Banderas part (Renaldo), Shaunette Rene Wilson (an agent like Cleopatra Jones).

It's the first digital Indy and it was shot beautifully by Mangold's attired cinematographer, Phedon Papamichel (from Identity to Le Mans/Ford vs. Ferrari, sans Logan...). Points go to Adam Stockausențs production design (he worked for Wes Anderson and Spielberg-in Bridge of Spies, Ready Player One and West Side Story). You sense the Spielberg touch and homages all the way (making it up as it goes along;).  I have no clue if Lucas was involved. 
In the end credits Mangold's thanks go to Milos Forman and Alexander Mackendrick. Nice.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny it's also the longest film of the series (2h34'min) and the first one without opening credits, plus the Paramount joke on the logo, cos it's the first Disney distributed and so forth...also it's the first to have an underwater sequence (and eels!). If you buy the MacGuffin and gimmick in the final act it's cool, if not bummer, and I have a feeling most of the audience won't :(

The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival one month ago and I heard from then mixed reactions, more pointing to a thumbs down than up...I saw Indy IV in Cannes in 2008 and I really really wanted to like it, but alas...I saw it last time last week and still the final act is horrendous, and it's all Lucas fault. Plus Shia doesn't really shine as Mutt...earlier this year I saw again Indian Jones and the Last Crusade which is my second favourite Indy flick after Raiders of the Lost Ark which I saw 1st time on video when I was 12, one year after its release, on a black and white TV in my house, with another 50 mesmerized people, brought impromptu by a guy I didn't know, and it changed my life (and his;), but that's another story...

Unfortunately BO predix not so good :(, though so...the film cost 295 mill. $ to be made (plus probably another 100 mill $ for marketing and advertising), more than 1000 people worked on it, at Pinewood studios, in Morocco and Sicily,  with New York exteriors, tons of special effects, extras  plus the Covid problems, a lot of post production but also a lot of set dressing and practical effects.

Also in the film can be heard The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour and David Bowie's Space Oddity, cos' it's all happening in 1969...there's a small nod to The Godfather and Nino Rota (1st Sicilian shot, done on a crane I think)...

Anyway, I will go and see it again on that huuuge screen! see if it gets better or not, or holds on to my fearful first but now enthusiastic encounter with a dear dear old friend. Well, we've been friends for 40 years...

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