marți, 29 noiembrie 2022

The Fabelmans (2022)

 The Fabelmans could've /should've been called The Spielbergs :)

A very personal account of Steven Spielberg childhood, from the age of seven to age 18, his family and his passion for cinema developing. More interesting than many of the new films (it's a cycle ,a series) that famous directors do recently about their childhood/coming-of-age (Branagh's Belfast, PTA's Licorice Pizza, Cuaron'sRoma, Linklater'sAppolo, James Gray's ArmageddonTime). 

Overlong sure (2h31)  and over-sentimental (Spielberg ?!, his own memories...) but a real treat for cinema lovers. One of the year's best films and what we expected from SS in aloong time...

To be seen in the movie theatre, especially for the visual qualities.

Variety called it `the Rare Great Movie About the Ecstasy of Making Movies`. 



Gabriel LaBelle personifies a very motivated and ambitous SS (Sammy Fabelman). 

Also you gotta see who John Ford is;)

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