miercuri, 9 noiembrie 2022

RIP Dan McCafferty (Nazareth)

 I saw Dan McCafferty twice with Nazareth. In Bucharest.

Then I saw them once more without him (2018). It sucked. 

Though Dan was so frail, his throat singing was so great. Hair of the Dog if it bit 1000 times...He was 76, Retired (or?) from Nazareth in 2013. Too much Razmatazzz :()

they played Sala Sporturilor in Brasov in the early nineties (the first ofem all coming). a buddy of mine tried to give them palinca upfront....wild...

This is the pic I took in February 2012 at Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest.. I think he was on coke but hey. he did a great gig. 

hre's my account of that evening...and it was a very emotional one...

Where's my white bycicle? :(((

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