joi, 3 noiembrie 2022

Amsterdam (2022)

Amsterdam is a really bad movie. One that does no mov(i)e, its overlong (2h14min), bloated and unfunny. Like a comedy made by people with no sense of humor. Oh but it's not a comedy. It's a conspiracy crime thriller as well. And an expensive period piece. And a true story apparently. (that should've been told differently for us to care). And so a flop. A sign about all that was that it didn't make it first in any festival as a film like this should've do and build up from there. 

Margot Robbie looks superb asa brunette but she is not part of a Jules and Jim, or Bande a part triangle. And Amsterdam should have stayed in... Amsterdam. Also it could've been called Timbuktu or any other city for that matter. Cos it's like a Proust Madelaine that Amsterdam here, cos' Paris was probably too much of a cliche (`we'll always have Paris` ya know).

I am just sorry I didn't write about it earlier (saw it two weeks ago already) so I could save some friends money as they went into the cinema and were flabbergasted. Sorry, my bad...

A wasted De Niro (he looks really old), over-the-top Christian Bale and not funny (again with a glass eye!) grotesque Rami Malek, John David Washington leaves me totally cold... a potential great cast totally wasted... Chris Rock has nothing to do but some poor comic relief, Mike Myers shows up right from his Inglorious Basterds cameo and Michael Shannon is wasted, oh did I wrote that three times already? 

David O Russell is not Wes Anderson, nor the Coen bros, neither Woody Allen which he tries to emulate in this loud pastiche, with ambitious and gorgeous cinematography by Emanuel Lubezki. Best asset of the film except Robbie's smile..

I am now fully convinced the director (also writer and producer) is totally overrated and not on my cup of Joe list. The only film of his i liked was Three Kings (1999), which is not really his film, as it was tinkerd by the stars (cllooney absolutely hated him and vice versa) in it and the studio (WB).  And screnwriter John Ridley who was betrayed and sued for his credit. Oh, and it seems also The Fighter (2010), cos' I just saw I wrote a very possitive review back then (in Romanian here), and I expressed then my opinion about him on Silver Linings Playbook in 2012 (also in Romanian :) Both these movies get lower grades now from me, I always tend to be more generous then and back in time (or maybe was just younger;).  For ex. American Hustle I tried to rewatch recently on prime streaming and gave up after 10 minutes. Oh, and there is Joy...did I really went and see that? In a cinema theatre no less...I'll be Amster-damned...

4 stars out of ten, 2 out of five. 

it'll show up on disney+ soon, so save the effort...

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