joi, 10 noiembrie 2022

Led Zeppelin - In Through the Out Door (1979)

I was alwasys fascinated with the last Led Zeppelin album,  In Through the Out Door (1979), see I was not contemponary with them so, as much as I was exposed to all I, II, III, IV, and in the eighties Houses of the Holy was was faved, this album stuck with me because it was their most eclectic, weird and it seems everyone hated it. Why? cos' they would not like them to play like that? or just philistines ;)....

from In the Evening to All of My Love through the greatest weirdola of 'em all, Carouselramba....with the keys that would define the 80's...maaan, I'm Gonna Crawl....

Anyhu, recently I got on on youtube a podcast of a Spanish guy, JCM (Jose Calvo Monturiol),  obsessed with this album, hid fave Zep LP, who wants to make justice to the album, and way more...He is a lifelong fan of Zep and a player in his own right. 


There are seven episodes of In Through the Out Door (from 1974 to 1980, complete with the whole year events, up to the death of Bonham  (September 25th 1980) 

and also a new podcast of Post Zeppelin now, 1981-1989).  even more fasinating and still going on..loved the Michael Winner story ;).

The whole gig takes you to many hours of watching and listening and it's for the most super interrested freaks & geeks of LZ, It's super well documented and presented in such a nice way -personal and subjective-you gotta love it...or surely don't :)  I did. And I was talking about ot to all the guys I met and thought they can relate. So I thought this is a better way to present it and share it here. Just for the sake of music...

Thank you Jose for your passion, dedication and hard work, it was a pleasure (and a pain:) and a blast to watch and re-remember all and learn more....The song Remains the Same !!!!

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