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The Zone of Interest (2023)

I was expecting Jonathan Glazer's fourth feature with much anticipation. He doesn't make a a lot of films, four in over 20 years...the 1st one, Sexy Beast (2000) stuck with me from the first frame, Birth (2004) so and so and last one ten years ago , Under the Skin (2013) was an UFO of the foremost cinematic kind (in my Top of 2014 films and soundtracks). So, when I first about the plot of his new film that took ten years to make, The Zone of Interest, the fact that is shot in German and on location in Poland's Auschwitz-Birkenau made me want to see it more than any film in last year's Festival de Cannes. I am now totally convinced it should've won Palme d'Or more and much more than Anatomy of a Fall, which is for me one of the most overrated films of 2023. Zone won Cannes' Prix du Jury in 2023, the FIPRESCI prize and two tech awards, Johnnie Burn for the sound and Mica Levi for the music (the Cannes soundtrack award). 

The Zone of Interest is loosely based by the Martin Amis book, but it takes just the plot idea from there. Beyond that it went into a deconstruction of the Evil as banality, and offers a very different view of the Holocaust from the Inside Out.

One of last year's best and most powerful films (also in cinematic language) , where what you hear is more important than what you see-and go and see it in a cinema, it plays now near you.

Will definetly win the Oscar for the best foreign film and sound, it's nominated for 5 categories including best film and best direction. More than Nolan and Scorsese Glazer's direction is topnotch, original, artful, an observational film, experimental, in many ways avant-garde. 

                                        thermal b & w photography sequences

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