vineri, 7 ianuarie 2022

RIP Peter Bogdanovich

He was one of my heroes, form very early when I first read about him. His life was more than a movie, more than the films he directed. He was a part of the Hollywood Elite, more than an insider, a cinephile and most of all, a survivor of that jungle. Targets, The last Picture Show,What's Up Doc, Paper Moon, Nickelodeon, Saint Jack, They all Laughed, Noises Off, The Cat`s Meow, the documentaries about his heroes whom he met and befriended. John Ford, Howard Hawks, Orson Welles. He was part of Welles unifinished mythical The Other Side of the Wind (that you can seee now on Netflix). He was an occasional actor too, the psychiatrist in The Sopranos. Peter Bogdanovich died on January 6th 2022. He was 82.

“There are no “old” movies-only movies you have already seen and ones you haven't” -Peter Bogdanovich

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