joi, 5 martie 2009

Quis custodies ipsos custodes ?

acum trebuie sa ne rugam (!) ca Watchmen sa fie un flop si un geek movie pentru ca Warner sa nu faca un sequel. Desi in mod logic inexistent ca baza, studiourile vor un sequel si un prequel. E exact ca si cum ai face Life of Jesus afer the crucifiction (ceea ce Scorsese ne-a oferit un glimpse), si before the birth ! E normal sa-si doreasca un cash cow si jucarele cu Rorschach si Doc Manhattan fara penis albastru !

dupa imdb news Billy Crudup (Doc M) ar fi semnat sa faca o continuare.

the film's star, Billy Crudup, admits the decision about a sequel lies with Hollywood bosses - because he has already signed a contract to make a Watchmen follow-up.

He adds, "Contractually, we are obligated. I will do it. I just don't know what it is we would do."

dixit Zack Snyder:
"There's no way I would be involved in a sequel or prequel. (...) Will they make one? I have no idea how you would. The work is the work. This movie is about ideas. Anything else you would do, if you did a sequel to it, misses the point entirely of what Watchmen is. To continue is to either rehash the same idea again or you're going to try to fix the characters, which goes against everything the book stands for, or you could pick up new characters. To me, philosophically, it just doesn't make sense."

but that does not mean anything, just "desolation row" !
remember; Better Blue than RED !

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