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RIP Mario Monicelli

gee, ce zile ! Dupa Julien Guiomar si Ingrid Pitt, Leslie Nielsen si Irvin Kershner acum Mario Monicelli ! deh, avea 95 de ani dar era ok, a dat un interviu depre Dino De Laurentiis la Variety, si ultimul film l-a facut acum 2 ani ! Monicelli s-a sinucis, aruncindu-se de la balconul unui spital din Roma !, unde era tratat pentru cancer terminal.
Death doesn't frighten me, it bothers me. It bothers me for example that someone can be there tomorrow and but me I am no longer there. What bothers me is no longer being alive, not being dead.
(Monicelli, intr-un interviu din 2007 in Vanity Fair)
Leul de Aur penru intreaga cariera in 1991 la Venetia. A facut peste 60 de filme, satire si comedii, dintre care cel mai celebru este I Soliti Ignoti (Big Deal on Madonna Street-1959), cu doua continuari si cel putin 3 remakeuri de limba engleza (Crackers, Welcome to Collinwood, Palookaville). Apoi La Grande Guerra (1958) si seria Amici Miei cu Mastroianni Si Ugo Tognazzi.
La Stampa comenteaza: Monicelli's dramatic last scene
"Farewell to the master of Italian comedy", headlines La Stampa. Mario Monicelli, director of La Grande Guerra (The Great War - 1958) and I Soliti Ignoti (Big Deal on Madonna Street - 1959), killed himself by jumping from the 5th floor of a hospital in Rome. He was 95 and suffering from a terminal cancer. "In his final months, he embraced the protests against cuts to culture, encouraged young people to rebel for a better future, complained that the cinema of today could not talk about Italy as it is, but he couldn’t see a future for himself,” writes La Stampa. In a country where euthanasia is still taboo, his death was a final proclamation of freedom in an anarchic life. "He wanted to decide everything all by himself right to the end, as in his movies", commented critic Paolo Mereghetti to Corriere della Sera.

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