luni, 6 aprilie 2009

MIckey Rourke hits Jericho

nu zic ce tulbura tara si media romaneasca, iata ce zice cea americana:

Rourke Fells Jericho To End Feud
6 April 2009 5:23 AM, PDT

Mickey Rourke made good on his promise to go head-to-head with wrestler Chris Jericho when he stepped into the ring to deliver a smackdown on Sunday.

The actor has been locked in a bitter and public war of words with Jericho since January, when he announced his plans to spar with the grappler at the WWE's Wrestlemania 25 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Jericho then hit back, telling Rourke: "I don't have respect for you... Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Rourke."

But Rourke was subsequently forced to bow out of the bout, citing the revival of his acting career as his main priority.

He repeated this sentiment to reporters hours before the event on Sunday, explaining: "Contractually, because I’m doing this movie called Iron Man 2 now, I can’t get in the ring with (Jericho)."

Sitting in the audience, Rourke watched as Jericho defeated three other professional wrestlers, before taunting and challenging the actor to a showdown.

But Rourke then stunned fans as he stepped up to the ring to settle the feud with his nemesis once and for all.

Removing his cowboy hat, Rourke clambered over the guard ropes and landed a punch that left Jericho reeling.

He was then joined by wrestling legend Ric Flair to celebrate his victory.

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  1. well Mickey Rourke went to all the trouble of working out and getting huge, he might as well make an appearance as a real, pro wrestler