miercuri, 19 august 2009

Interviu cu Tarantino in Village Voice

via AC, un megaextensiv interviu din Village Voice si o cronica de J. Hoberman la film, extrem de bullseye

Tarantino's movie ends with its corniest character (Pitt) proclaiming that a particular Old Testament barbarism just might be his masterpiece. As I wrote from Cannes, this movie could well be Tarantino's—if masterpiece is taken to mean the fullest expression of a particular artist's worldview. At Cannes, Roth characterized the movie as "kosher porn." Tarantino was less provocative and more grandiose—"The power of cinema is going to bring down the Third Reich. . . . I get a kick out of that!"—but he, too, was reveling in the compensatory, reductive aspect of the movies.

Here is an alternate World War II, in which Jews terrorize and slaughter Nazis—a just Holocaust. Schindler's List comforted audiences with similar, albeit less outrageous, reversals (the list is life, not death; concentration camp showers gush water, not gas). However devoted to movie magic, however, Spielberg would never be so tasteless as to admit the excitement he experienced in asserting his will over history.

un interviu destul de chul tot cu QT in noul Uncut si o cronicheta de 4 stele, (in mod ciudat pe sit are trei stele !!!), la ei filmul lunii e THE HURT LOCKER (da, mi-as fi dorit sa-l vad la cinema), si Mesrine are 5 stele !

parerea mea despre IB mi-am expus-o de la Cannes aici ! dar cred ca la a doua vizionare cotatia mea initiala va creste vertiginos !

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