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John Mayall Bucuresti 11.11.12 setlist & more

A fost duminica seara la Sala Palatului, dupa 17 ani din nou la Bucuresti the bluesbreaker himself, mr John Mayall, 78 de ani si 11 luni (LMA 29 noiembrie)

John Mayall-voce, keyboards, muzicuta, Rocky Athas -chitara, Jay Davenport-tobe, Greg Rzab - bass.
In deschidere Harry Tavitian.


1. Solo – Another man (done gone) –Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton, 1966
2.Congo square – A sense of Place, 1990
3.All your love –Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton, 1966
4.Nothing to do with love – Tough, 2009
5.Parchman farm -Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton, 1966
6.Chicago line – John Mayall Plays John Mayall, 1965
7.Stormy Monday –Looking Back, 1969
8.You know that you love me (but you never tell me so) – Freddie King cover, In the Palace of the King, 2007
9. Heartache - John Mayall Plays John Mayall, 1965
10.The Sum of something - Tough, 2009
11.Room to move – The Turning Point, 1969
12. Hideaway - Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton, 1966
incl. Peter Gunn theme.

thanx Munsun pt setlist :)

clips aici:

All Your Love

Chicago Line

Greg Rzab bass solo

encore: Hideaway

si o recenzie de pe infomusic aici
Dupa concert, in foier Mayall si trupa au dat autografe. Am luat si am facut poze, and they were gone. And the real blues started on the way home....

din revista The Blues Magasine , un articol despre John Mayall din 1970 din A Beat Instrumental zicea asa:
"It's hard to believe but John Mayall is now 36, which makes him a good bit older than most of his fans. So the younger generation is now looking on middle age !"

Ce ar fi crezut reviwer-ul despre performanta sa, 42 de ani mai tirziu ? Ca si in cazul lui Leonard Cohen, care tot la venerabila virsta de 78 de ani e in tureeu, un adevarat virtuos nu se retrage niciodata !

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