luni, 16 noiembrie 2009

DiAnno la Cluj anulat ! WASP now !!!

s-a anulat DiAnno la Cluj

Interesul foarte scazut fata de concertul Paul DiAnno de la Cluj-Napoca, din data de 20.11.2009, a facut ca managementul formatiei impreuna cu organizatorii evenimentului sa decida anularea acestuia.

azi mai sunt biletele la 40 ron, de miine 50 si in pe 19, 55 ron

aflu cu interes de pe myspace despre autobiografia lui DiAnno, The Beast, pe care ei o compara cu The DIRT despre Motley Crue...

The Beast is not a book designed for music aficionados who wish to read about the original Iron Maiden singer. It's more of an action adventure story staring a Jack Daniels, cocaine fuelled fighting machine that just happens to be a vocalist in a rock band. Take the extremities of The Dirt, remove most of the drugs, replace them with violence and you've pretty much got The Beast. Once you've read this book you won't want to step into the same pub as Paul Di'anno, never mind spill his pint. This is a very honest account of an excessive existence that the singer has chosen not to glamorise. Although Paul kicking his own guitarist's teeth out and chasing journalists from venues are amusing there are more serious topics contained within this tome. Di'anno admitting that he was holding Maiden back and that Bruce Dickinson is a superior vocalist. This is the opportunity to tap into the mind of one of the maddest rock stars of all time. It's no mistake that certain stores have the book filed under Serious Crime.
Ian Camfield
in citeva ore WASP ! desi n-am primit acrediatare am continuat sa promovez acest concert cu o trupa speciala , pe care am ratat-o cind au venit prima data la Cluj in octombrie 2006 ! Atunci aveam acrediatare si pass si n-am mai ajuns ! Albumul nou Babylon, excelent, cu un cover dupa Deep Purple BURN si la final PROMISED LAND de Chuck Berry! Live to Die Another Day !

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