miercuri, 19 iunie 2013

Green On Red - 16 Ways (SOTD)

Green On Red - 16 Ways (1985, from Gas Food and Lodging) sau aici live
Dan Stuart -now-The Deliverance of Marlowe Billings....

16 kids 16 ways
They shot my babies by mistake
I'm all alone on a midnight ride
My 16 kids all have died

They ain't coming back
It's too late
They shot my babies but
They killed my faith

I haven't slept in 14 days
Now it's time to barricade
Myself in these four walls
My 16 kids all are gone


I worked so hard for 40 years
I told myself I had nothing to fear
Then one by one they got shot down
The youngest one held a gun to his ear


have a good trip ;)

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