miercuri, 7 septembrie 2011

Johnny Depp plays guitar 4 Alice !!!!

i did not know about it sooner, it happened in June, in London...
at 100 Club in London. 26 June 2011.
last time I saw Alice live was in June too..;.(see here)

Cpt. Jack (Sparrow) leaves the Keiths off 2 do the aLICE (check out Alice's impersonation of original cpt. Teague, Keith) !!!
also here with Alice's version of Schools' Out featuring Another Brick in the Wall

& LMA 4 Roger Waters (on the 6th) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
another take:

Ke$ha and Alice Cooper - School's out - Oslo 05.07.2011

pop teen idol Ke$ha are un duet cu Alice pe albumul nou, Welcome 2 My Nightmare (release oficial 12 septembrie), intitulat "What Baby Wants" !

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