duminică, 18 septembrie 2011

Shut Up Little Man !

un documentar care a facut furori la Sundance si Tribeca si are un subiect inedit si incitant, sunt sigur ca si Mel Beaver pardon Gibson agrees...
doi betivi batrini si agresivi, Raymond si Peter, inregistrati de doi baieti tinerei, vecinii lor, inspaimintati si amuzati de moarte de ei !
dupa cum zice IFC:
In 1987, two kids from the Midwest with the punk rock nicknames Eddie Lee Sausage and Mitchell D. did something not everyone would do. Their next door neighbors in a San Francisco apartment complex with paper thin walls were two aging alcoholics named Peter J. Haskett and Raymond Huffman. Peter and Ray liked to stay up all night chugging vodka and beating the crap out of one another, both physically and verbally. After enduring weeks of fights, and trying in vain to beg the men to quiet down, Eddie and Mitchell decided to start recording Peter and Ray surreptitiously, with a microphone they hung on a ski pole and held out their window. Why? They were young, they were bored, and they were curious. Plus, they were compiling useful evidence in case one of these drunks tried to murder one of them or each other.
That never happened, thankfully, but Eddie and Mitchell were so enamored with Peter and Ray's uniquely caustic banter that they began compiling it onto cassette tapes and passing them around to friends. The friends passed them to other friends, and soon "Shut Up Little Man!," as Eddie and Mitchell named their series of "audio verite" recordings, were spreading virally through underground culture. The recordings, 10 hours in all, became a cult phenomenon in the days before the Internet for the same reason things become cult phenomenon today: they was authentic, voyeuristic, and accidentally hilarious.

Casetele au fost popularizate si au continuat sa circule, si au dus la un fenomen extraordinar, curio, voyerism, exploatat azi intr-un documentar de Matthew Bate cu titlul complet Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure.
Am debarcat pe youtube si am gasit inregistarile cu Peter si Ray

si filme de desen animat cu ei doi ( o serie de 3 facute de Mike Mitchell, regizorul lui Deuce Bigalow), segmentul cel mai faimos cu vodca, chiar si o parodie cu mosii din Muppets ! Nu stiu daca mi se par funny insa, mai mult scary...cam cum ar ajunge si Beavis si Butt-head daca ar locui impreuna inca 30 de ani si ar arde-o boschetareste, sau cum ar fi fost Walter Mattahau si Jack Lemmon white trash wino style...talk 'bout the odd couple sau sunshine boyoz ! Shut Up Little Man !!!

site oficial aici ! va puteti comanda cd-ul de la ei !

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