joi, 3 aprilie 2008


cel mai misterios site recent. o campanie virala sau faimosul Cloverfield 2 aka Matt Reeves untitled cloverfield sequel...

un site intrigant care se deschide greu si in care pot fi observate clue/uri in cele sase spoturi albe, se clickeaza ctr+a si se deschid pe rind

am aflat info aici

-aladygma almost directly spelled backwards is amygdala, which is a region of the brain that controls a variety of things, including fear.
-if you rearrange the numerals on the homepage of the site, you get 1-18-2008: 2. Does that mean Cloverfield 2? (It also renders any number of other combinations, including 12-18-2008 or 11-28-2008.)

chestia cu germana e mai intriganta, thomas ist ein lugner ?(backwards)

tot aici (meaning this blog) am scris de campania virala la cloverfield anul trecut si da, am vazut filmul it rules...

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