sâmbătă, 27 martie 2010

steaua lui Dennis Hopper !!!!

primeste si el a 2.403=a stea de pe HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD (RUSHINE CA E LA NR. ASTA CIND AR FI TREBUIT SA FIE la cel putin SUB O MIE !!!!!)
ar fi (vai de) steaua lui ! sorry dude man sir ! :-( ok, beetr later than after you're gone !!!

au fost de fata friends old and new, Jack Nicholson, Viggo Mortensen, David Lynch, Michael Madsen, Danny Trejo, Johnny Mathis, Dwight Yoakam si un Dennis slabit si vlaguit (lookul sau si bandajele se datoreaza unei cazaturi de ieri (25 martie), din cauza paparazzilor !! Dennis are cancer de prostata in faza terminala.

& related:
Save Dennis Hopper25 March 2010 9:10 AM, PDT | Movieline |
Recently filed court papers say the 73-year-old actor-director-artist Dennis Hopper is in irretrievably dire straits. He's destitute from divorce, too frail (barely 100 pounds!) from prostate cancer to undergo continued chemotherapy and unable to earn funds through acting roles. Hopper's film festival is on indefinite hiatus. Meanwhile, his estranged wife says he's profited well over the $45,000 he claims from having sold artwork in recent years; she reportedly refuses to settle for his $5,000-per-month alimony limit.

this is a shity, shity world !!!

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