luni, 16 mai 2016

DOGS/Câini -best debut in Cannes 69

"DACA ESTI DESTEPT, NU FI PROST" / If you're smart, don't be DUMB"
best words i've heard in a while on screen and off.

the debut of Bogdan Mirica (Bora Bora), Câini, is an outback western set in Dobrogea which has not much in common with Romanian minimalism, but confronts the genre conventions and defies them.
Dragos Bucur as Roman,Gheorghe Visu as Hogas in a Kitano mode, Vlad Ivanov as his creepiest best as Samir, a touch of Evileast, Costel Cascaval as Pila, brilliant, Raluca Aprodu as the girlfriend, Teo Corban as the Vet.
Great widescreen cinematography bu Andrei Butica. Atmospeheric music.
Featuring a leg. The lower part. In a boot. (like Lynch presented an ear in Blue Velvet).
and a great fanstastic dog, Cara as Politia, that i hope it'll get a Palm DOG !!!
0 -but then i saw Nellie, the dog from Paterson and hmmm, that is the winner...
My riffs: Wake in Fright and a whole Oz fest, No Country for Old Men, Blood Simple, The Searchers, so forth.

Vlad Ivanov interview in Cannes aici for Cinemap mag and FB page.

Variety Review here

le teaser
best genre film I've seen in a while.
highly recommended.
in theaters in September.
Til then in ZFR in TIFF.
good luck, guys !

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