vineri, 11 noiembrie 2016

I'm back (big as life and twice as ugly*)

Greetings friends,
maybe u'v noticed my absence starting this May and Cannes.
Due to technology accidents which i am prone and master chif inspecteur Clouseau, as im the grandmasterfunk of typo-s, i got loccked out of my blog due to various accounts not working. Finally after a hard try on a hor summer Sardegnian day -on which my IT CEO Vlad tried his best but quit, he tried again ona cold November Brasov night. Und he succeded !
Great succes, as our Borat friend uss to say.
Thank thee, Filed Commander of my tech strategies, Vlad !
I know, i got four thumbs (but still up !)
so, welcome back to ALD's Movieland (and Rockland 3.0) !

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