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Atomic Blonde (2017)

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Highly recommended !!!
Based on the graphic novel The Coldest city (2012), Atomic Blonde is a 1989 cold war Berlin and a spy yarn on the back of the fall of the Wall. Cult soundtrack included.
David Leitch's (John Wick) third film and best. Chatlize Theron is amazing and ultra hot as the best (and lethal) blonde Debbie Harry playing David Bowie as a bisexual Bond in neon decadent & violent lights. also with shades of Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface, and i could see Anita Pallenberg and Nico in that iconic platinum blonde hair, also Bowie's Like a Gigolo and the Dietrich Berliner connection.
Is what Salt and Wanted should've been and Theron is way better and kinkier and colder then Jolie.
The film is imo a homage to Tony Scott, it's constructed like Spy Game (shot on the same Budapest streets with a similar sequence of crossing the Checkpoint Charlie) and two riffs to True Romance.
The famed staircaise fight in on-shot it's actually a trick, it has about 40 cuts into it. Digital age and day !
The Bowie connection goes also further than Berlin which was the city of Low and Heroes, into Cat People, song used also by Tarantino in Inglorious Basterds but made (in) famous by the Paul Schrader film from 1982. The filmmakers spoke to Bowie shortly before his death and offered him a part which sadly it was not to be. The soundtrack includes Under Pressure, the Bowie/Mercury hit partnership and a Peter Schilling song entitled "Major Tom".
The soundtrack also includes a cover of Falco's Der Komissar, but by the british band After the Fire, who made that a hit in the US in 1983.
But why weren't they using the Blondie song "Atomic"? maybe cos it was remixed in Trainspotting ?
 Here's an article about the tough (and expensive) job of song clearance for the film. And about the songs that got away.
**** out of five
Atomic Blonde 3 Jonathan Prime Focus Features final
"This movie has a ton of action but we've made it at the independent price. So it's sort of a catch-22. It is a thinking person's action movie. We released it at a time when people are used to seeing big spectacle movies and it's kind of in-between."
David Leitch

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