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Milos Forman RIP

Friday 13th 2018. One of the greatests European directors, Master fireman chief Milos Forman taking off :( He has flown in another cuckoo's nest. He ws 86.
Last time I've seen him in the documentary on the making of the Man on the Moon, Jim and Andy, where he had maybe the toughest job of his career. Milos Forman Dead

one of my top films of my teenage age up to alltime best is One Flew Over The Cucoko's Nest. Then Amadeus. Then depends, his Czech films are great, funny, starirucal (Loves of a Blonde-1965, Fireman's Ball-1967). Same with his first American film -Taking Off-1971. One Flew was followed by Hair, Ragtime, Valmont, The People vs. Larry King, Goya's Ghosts-2006. Final film, back in the Czech rep. with his son, the musical comedy Dobre placená procházka/ A Walk Worthwhile, in 2009.
Goodnight, Milos....
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Variety piece here 
-will do a retrospective of his films in may at Cinemateca Patria , Brasov !

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