luni, 23 septembrie 2019

Sid Haig RIP

Captain Spaulding is no more ...
just before the release of 3 From Hell, the 3d part of Rob Zombie's Devil Rejects Odyssey that started with his 1st film, The House of 1000 Corpses (2003), Sid Haig, aka Captain Spaulding passed away. He was 80.
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His debut was in Jack Hill's Spider Baby in 1967. His eclectic career includes tons of TV, but also THX 1138, Emperor of the North, Fred Olen Smith flicks but he was in many blaxploitation flicks (Tarantino was a big fan, put him in Jackie Brown, his homage to the genre, and in Kill Bill 2), presenting him to a new generation. Recently he had a fun part in Bone Tomahawk.

Here is a video tribute:

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