luni, 3 august 2020

RIP Alan Parker

30 years ago he was my favourite director.  From Midight Express to Birdy, through The WALL into Angel Herat and Misssissippi Burning, with a touch of  Fame, Commitments and Bugsy Malone. Now mr. Alan Patker, Sir and CBE is no more :( He died Friday July 31st. He was 76. 
His later career was not so interstting (Evita, Angela's Ashes, The Life of David Gale) and he stopped making films since 2003.  A hugely influentaial filmmaker, if only for Pink Floyd's The Wall, which he said about that MTV should give hima dollar for every shot and cut they stole from , he would be a billionaire. Good night, sweet prince , or as Birdy said, ¬What ?¬. I hope you have a nice cosy seat in the Midnight Express...

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