duminică, 11 octombrie 2020

Borat Strikes Back !

Borat 2– officially titled Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

 OCT. 23. Prime. In time for UnTrump the world. Great Succes (i hop) ! 

-filming again in Romania's village of Moroieni took place with adventures in July 2020. With Covid positive Roma extras ! And the famous gun rally sing-a-long mystery

is now solved ¬nuke'm up like in WW2¬, it was a Borat brave and crazy stunt, probably the most risque SBC ever pulled. Fist'em All :)
"While filming my latest Borat film, I showed up as a right-wing singer at a gun-rights rally in Washington State. When organizers finally stormed the stage, I rushed to a nearby get-away vehicle. An angry crowd blocked our way and started pounding on the vehicle with their fists. Under my overalls, I was wearing a bulletproof vest, but it felt inadequate with some people outside toting semiautomatic weapons. When someone ripped open the door to drag me out, I used my entire body weight to pull the door back shut until our vehicle maneuvered free."

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Yagshimash !!

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  1. Salut Alin!
    Am o intrebare off topic.Urmaresti The Third Day pe HBO GO?De fapt vreau sa te intreb daca ai vazut live streamingul de 12 ore de sambata trecuta,The Third Day-Autumn?Ce face acolo Jude Law..you have to see it to believe it.

  2. care 12 ore ? am vazut ep 1-3 cu JL si 4 -The Mother, sunt numerotate pe zile, si da primele 3 erau Summer, acum e Winter, sa vad unde gasesc acest Autumn ???

  3. On it's first broadcast in the UK, placed between "Summer" and "Winter" is a separate immersive live-event called "Autumn", da am citit dar am crezut ca l-au dat numa acolo...

  4. Cele 12 ore sunt pe pagina de fb HBO, în doua calupuri, primul de 5 ore jumate, al doilea de 6 ore jumate. One camera, one shot.