miercuri, 30 martie 2022

RIP Taylor Hawkins

 I am not a Foo Fighters fan tho i respect Dave Grohl. 

But I became a fan of Taylor Hawkins in the wake of his absurd death. He was just one month over 50, he was on tour, he just played Lolapalozza in Columbia, in Bogota and was supposed to have a next gig in Sao Paolo.  The amount of substance found in his body system is even more absurd :(

Saw the FF's last gig and it's heartbreaking. Listened and watched and read all the mesagges from the music world, all saying what a great guy (and drummer) he was and all missing him and his spirit. 

Bring me Somebody to Love indeed..

And now I just saw Studio 666, the Fighters horror spoof film, their secter project during the pandemic. Uncanny to see Taylor H. there...

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