miercuri, 28 iunie 2023

RIP Julian Sands

Warlock himself gone...

...disappeared in the mountains near LA gone hiking 5 months ago (Jan. 13, 2023)...now was found...

Julian Sands  died just a week after being 65...

He was Shelley in Ken Russell's Gothic, Liszt in Impromptu, a doctor in The Doctor and the Devils, the doctor in Boxing Helena, the doctor in Arachnofobia and The Phantom of the Opera (Erik) in Dario Argento's adaptation of the tale from 1998.

Last I saw him in The Killing Fields (1984), one of his early parts on the screen, which I saw again this winter. 

2 comentarii:

  1. Îl țin minte și acum în Il sole anche di notte, un film văzut la TVR prin anii '90..
    Tot in the '90s l-am văzut la cinema în Warlock: The Armageddon :)

  2. da, Warlock 2, al lui Anthony Hickox, care mie mi-a placut mai mult ca primu', da, vazut la cinema Popular !!! si revazut chiar...
    -never go hiking by yourself, alone in the woods, hills or mountain tops :(