vineri, 4 mai 2007

Like a Rolling Stone

3 mai 2007
Keef the human reef and the boyz in turneu in Argentina cinta Like a Rolling Stone (pe CD pe Stripped),

shi like a complete unknown und a rolling stone intra pe scena Bobo Dylan sa participe...

thanks to You tube si Sienna drinking sponsor the night of the this, the that..

have stories to tell about Dylanesque (Bryan Ferry) the Nightwatchman (Tom Morello), Robot Chicken (Les Claypool),

Keef, ronnie wood shi bobo d. cinta Blowing inthe wind, and somehow they blew it in the wind (Warren Z knows)....(nu mai e pe utube)

shi o chestie geniala, Keef si Hunter Thompson stau de vorba...whaaat ???? la sfirsit o versiune live la Eileen....(nici asat nu mai e, deh netul)

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