miercuri, 6 august 2008

playlist maiden cotroceni 4 august 2008

Intro. Transylvania/Churchill's Speech

1. Aces High (Powerslave, 1984)

2. 2 Minutes to Midnight (Powerslave, 1984)

3. Revelations (Piece of Mind, 1983)

4. The Trooper (Piece of Mind, 1983) 5

. Wasted Years (Somewhere in Time, 1986)

6. The Number of The Beast (The Number of the Beast, 1982)

7. Can I Play with Madness (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, 1988)

8. Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Powerslave, 1984)

9. Powerslave (Powerslave, 1984)

10. Heaven Can Wait (Somewhere in Time, 1986)

11. Run to the Hills (The Number of the Beast, 1982)

12. Fear of The Dark (Fear of The Dark, 1992)

13. Iron Maiden (Iron Maiden, 1980)


14. Moonchild (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, 1988)

15. The Clairvoyant (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, 1988)

16. Hallowed Be Thy Name (The Number of the Beast, 1982).

articol pe hotnews aici, link la piesele puse pe youtube si comentarii frizind oligofrenia. De la semidocti la voit interesanti, la ciondaneala tipica forumurilor...too much time on thier hands indeed...Din nou ma gindesc ca Romania nu merita nimic...hope to see Bruce and Co. again soon...

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