vineri, 26 decembrie 2008

Topul lui Stephen King pe 2008

1. The Dark Knight – “The best superhero movie ever.”
2. Slumdog Millionaire
3. WALL-E – “It certainly deserves to be nominated.”
4. Tropic Thunder
5. Funny Games – “A savage parody of the snuff-porn”
6. The Bank Job
7. Lakeview Terrace
8. The Ruins
9. Redbelt – “Not your father’s Karate Kid.”
10. Death Race
dixit King:
Let's start with a confession: I'm not trustworthy when it comes to movies. I'm two-minded about them. Take this year's Saw film. I sat there in my favorite seat — third row middle, so the screen towers above me — and my forebrain was thinking, Oh, man, this is the year's biggest pile of cinematic dog vomit. But the rest of my brain is thinking, I'm at the mooooovies! IS THIS GREAT OR WHAT?

So when I get flamed in the letters column, as I usually do after one of these lists, I know why. This is almost surely the only 10-best list you'll read that contains not one but two Jason Statham movies; it's that two-brains thing.

din Entertainment Weekly

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