joi, 15 septembrie 2011

Polanski back to Zurich !!!

2 ani de la arestare, in timp ce nu merge la Venetia pentru premiera la Carnage (in competitie), Polanski se intoarce la Zurich pentru a-si primi premiul !!!!
as in:
Roman Polanski will attend the Zurich Film Festival to accept a lifetime achievement award, two years after he was arrested by Swiss police while on his way to receive it two years ago.

Polanski, who was arrested in connection with his 1977 U.S. child rape case, spent months under house arrest in a chalet in Gstaad, waiting for Swiss officials to decide whether to extradite him. He was freed when they decided not to in July 2010.

A post on the festival's website Thursday said it would premiere a full-length, nonfiction film follow the Sept. 27 tribute ceremony.

"Details regarding the film and the world premiere will not be released before the official screening on Sept 27," the site said.

o alat evoltie ciudata in autobiografia Roman by Polanski :)

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