miercuri, 14 septembrie 2011

RIP John Calley

imens producator(Filmways 50's-60's, First Artists, Orion & Alan Ladd Company), sef de studio din epoci legendare( Warner Bros-1968-1981) si mai putin-(United Artists-1993, Columbia-Sony-1996-2003), prietenul lui Mike Nichols, cu care a produs Closer ultima data (si a adus deal-ul cartilor lui Dan Brown la studio!!!)-a murit ieri in Hollywod. Avea 81 de ani !
Premiul Oscar omagial-Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award in 2009 !!!
obituary pe deadline.com !

“John was unique. As a studio head he was unfailingly supportive and didn’t try to do the filmmaker’s job. When he believed in someone he trusted and supported him and when very rarely he had a suggestion it was usually a life saver. In fact that’s what he was: a life saver.”

-Mike Nichols-

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