luni, 14 ianuarie 2013

Steve Arvey for Crossroads

Dear Friends, Fan’s, Family and Everybody that I know..
I was never a big fan of contests and competitions.. Earlier on Thursday I was approached by feather sound media in clearwater who was impressed by a video that I put together last year that just featured solo’s. The people at Crossroads wanted a guitar player that could play some low down blues. Go the the website at and Please check out the video.. You make the decision after you watch the video.. Please vote for Steve Arvey to perform with Eric Clapton at Madison Square Garden April 17th…At the moment I am way ahead of the Pack…Please Pass this on..I really appreciate your support..Thank You.
Play Crossroads – Powered by Ernie Ball
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daca tot nu se mai tine Sighisoara Blues Festival, why not support Crossroads ?

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