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Top albums of 2018...well...

Top albums 2018
i kno its late in the game to publish this now but hey...the road to Whatever..

I listened to a lot of blues this past year (well, some of ya know why:) , so i did not follow the trends.
But Macca's latest  (in a five yeras gap sice NEW) blew me away in the Long Run  (well, Band on the Run, no pun intended),, especially -Despite Repeated Warnings.. And  all of the sincerity and heartfelt of I Dont\t Know, Hand in Hand and yes, the solo at the end on "Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link" (by Macca himself)

Paul Mc Cartney -Egypt Station
Image result for egypt station
Roger Daltrey -As Long as I have you (who ? :)
good job, Rog !
)Image result for roger daltrey 2018 album

Dead Daisies-Burn it Down  my review in Sunete mag. 
The Dead Daisies Burn It Down Album Cover 2018.png
and that on a pack with Marco Mendoza -Viva le Rock /my review in Sunete mag.
Image result for viva la rock

The Damned -EvilSpirits
W.O.W. -produced by Tony Visconti ! my review in Sunete mag. 
Image result for the damned evil spirits

Mark Knopfler -The Road to Wherever-
his best and bitterest in a long time...
Image result for The Road to Wherever
Jack White-Boarding House Reach
Image result for boarding house reach
-new sound for Jack W.

Ry Cooder -The Prodigal Son
=a classic-
Image result for Ry Cooder -The Prodigal Son  h

Joe Louis Walker, Bruce Katz and Giles Robson-Journey in the Heart of Blues
Image result for Journey in the Heart of Blues

so, i guess Im a very old destitute guy by now, Fuh ya like Macca says...enjoy every sandwich !                                                                                                                                                                                                         late addition , saw DD now, and it ws Xmas in February, liked his 1st album more but..yes, Hank, Fox, DD, yes, this is for Warren....Desperados United !!!!                        

Image result for David Duchovny Every Third Thought

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