sâmbătă, 11 ianuarie 2020

Neil Peart RIP

Roll the Bones...One of the best drummers in the world, Rush-s Neil Peart died at 67.on Jan. 7th 2020. He was a biker too, went on a healing journey after his family tragedy in 1997-98, as presented by himself in the book /memoir Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road tand on the song Ghost Rider on the album Vapor Trails (2002), when Neil came back in the band. He retired in 2015 being diagnosed with brain cancer :(
Had the pleasure and privilege to see RUSH, one of the best bands ever, in Prague in 2004. Due to the fact Igot in front of the lavatory machines setting of Peart-s drums, especially in the moment of his solo, I lost my hearing in a ear for almost a week, thats how loud they were ! Well, those were the days, goodbye Neil ...
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