luni, 31 mai 2021

LMA Clint @91 !!!

Once he was The Man with No Name, but he made a name for himself, and, what a nameee...Clint Eastwood is 91 today ! Still working and done with a new film, Cry Macho, and which he also acts! A modern western no less ! His fortieth feature (40th) ! Amazing ! LMA ! Happy Birthday !!!

And some sad news, Buddy Van Horn, Clint”s buddy, stuntman, double, second unit director and best friend died at 92 on May 11th 2021. The news came up just today, uncanny. Buddy also directed Clint in three of his features,Any Which Way You Can, Dead Pool and Pink Cadillac, a simillar case of Burt Reynolds/Hal Needham, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood best buddies friendship of a time golden, silver & gold, now gone bronze...RIP...

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