miercuri, 12 octombrie 2022

Blonde (2022)

Blonde, the Marilyn Monroe biopic that Netflix bought and premiered in Venice last month was one of the most expected films of the year. It proves to be most controversial, especially these days post feminism and post #metoo proved to be an UFO that doesn't do any good to Marilyn, Norma Jean or the myth of M.M. Ana de Armas pulls a heroic performance but I am biased the AMPAS will look at it for a win (UPSATE-but she got nominated!!! the only nod of the flick), the whole thing looks, feels and sounds like a stunt. The sex stuff doesn't help, it makes you feel dirty and definetly there was no need for NC 17, especially on a film streaming that can be watched by any child at the end of the remote control. 


Director and writer Andrew Dominik (adapting Joyce Carol Oates’ book) stumbles between black and white and color and it's an overlong  mess (2 hrs 47) that only pains and confuses. Also with a downbeat score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis that might have been written by anyone else but them (ex: Vangelis, Zimmer).

As a good friend said, ¬The Feel-bad movie of the year. Any year¬ :(((

Emily Ratajkowski accuses Marilyn Monroe film 'Blonde' of 'fetishizing female pain'

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