duminică, 22 februarie 2009

Independent Spirit Awards

ultimele premii inainte de Oscar !
3 premii the Wrestler: Mickey Rourke si cel mai bun film ! si inca un premiu pentru imagine !
la regie Tom McCarthy pt The Visitor !
cel mai bun film strain: entre les murs !
lista completa aici.

din newsday;

Rourke gave a prolonged, hilarious, expletive-laden acceptance speech, dedicating the award to his dog that died six days earlier and thanking everyone from his director, Darren Aronofsky, to the wrestling community. He mentioned that he had just talked with the Santa Monica police department, which "gave me a bed to sleep in 10 years ago," when Rourke was in the midst of the bad-boy behavior that made him a Hollywood has-been until his comeback in recent years with films such as "Sin City" and "The Wrestler."

Momentarily forgetting co-star Marisa Tomei's name, Rourke later complimented her for her role as a stripper in "The Wrestler," which earned her a supporting-actress Oscar nomination.

"Not many girls can climb the pole," Rourke said. "She climbed the pole, and she did it well."

Right after Rourke's speech, Tom McCarthy won the best-director award for the immigrant drama "The Visitor."

"I feel like we should just stop the show after Mickey, because who could follow that, really?" McCarthy said.

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