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Michael Anthony retracts...

Anthony disputes Van Halen's claims

Michael Anthony, speaking exclusively to MusicRadar, disputes Van Halen's assertions. "Why would I have quit Van Halen? It never happened. And what's weird is, he was being asked about Chickenfoot, whether he had heard us or not, and suddenly he launches into this thing about me quitting the group. What does one thing even have to do with the other?"

Anthony, who says he had to take a pay cut and sign away his rights to the Van Halen name and logo to take part in the 2004 tour the group did with Sammy Hagar, admits that he was stunned to find himself out of the band when they announced their 2007 reunion tour with singer David Lee Roth - an arena run that saw Eddie's son, Wolfgang, on bass.

"I found out about that tour like everybody else did - in the press," says Anthony. "I had no idea. At that point, I kind of sighed and went, 'Whatever. If this is what Eddie wants to do, he's going to do what he wants to do.' If he wants me out of the band and for Wolfgang to play bass, what was I going to do about it?

Even so, the bassist wants to make one thing clear: "I never 'quit.' I never once said, 'I'm out of here.' It never happened. That's the weird thing right now, for Eddie to be trying to paint himself as 'not the bad guy.'

"You know, it's weird to be talking about all of this right now," he continues, "because I'm in such a good place with Chickenfoot. The album we made, the shows we're doing, everything we're all about - we're having a blast. And the fans are digging it and they're responding."
Anthony offers Van Halen some advice

"Eddie says he hasn't heard Chickenfoot, and I believe him, because it's true, he doesn't really listen to anything," says Anthony. "But instead of trying to rewrite the past and talk shit or whatever, he should see what we're doing and go into his studio and make some music. Make music, have some fun. Don't just talk - do!

"Ultimately, all's well that ends well," he says. "I just find it odd that I'm put into a situation where I'm forced to defend myself. Everything is great in my world and I couldn't be happier with the group I'm in. But I don't want people to think I quit Van Halen, because I didn't. It never happened."

Eddie, you fuckin prat ! n-am vazut demult om mai bucuros ca Mike Anthony ieri pe scena la Olympia ! Era ca ca fundling Godzilla sau king Kong in love ! Complet cu bassul Jack Daniel's a dat bere la greu la spectatori ! Si seamana teribil de tare cu Florin piersic jr ! A slabit mult si e in mare vina fizic ! iar Chad seamana cu Will Ferrell, Sammy Hagar e the Big Lebowski, iar din Hey Joe nu stiu ce sa scot, poate un nou Daniel Day Lewis method acting job ???!

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