joi, 1 octombrie 2009

and in the other news...Roger Avary un an de inchisoare !

nah, nu am devenit blogul tabloid, dar re; polanski gasesc numele lui Roger Avary, care intr-un DUI (driving unde influence) a ucis un pasager in masina sa anul trecut, gen Eric Red, si apledat GUILTY. tocmai citeam ieri ca a intrat in productie Silent Hill 2 cu scenariul scris de el, Avary avea si un site cool pe care ma mai uitam din cind in cind...

de aici:
From here we turn to another Hollywood celeb in trouble as Oscar-winning Pulp Fiction co-writer Roger Avary has been sentenced to one year in jail as a result of the 2008 car crash that killed a passenger in Avary's Mercedes in Ventura County. Authorities say Avary's car was traveling at more than 100 mph when it crashed into a telephone pole. Avary pleaded guilty in August to gross vehicular manslaughter and drunken driving.

si in USA Today

si un comentariu cel putin inteligent:
His jail sentence should last as long as the dead person is still dead. Once the dead person comes back to life, he should be released...not a minute before. People that drive drunk are LOSERS!

o columnista isi bate joc cerind petitie cu eliberarea lui Avary
internetul, o inventie grozava, care ma duce la replica lui Liebkind (Kenneth Mars)din The Producers
"I am the author. You are the audience. I outrank you!"

don't ask why !

an in other news, Dennis Hopper a fost dus la spital la New York ! Get well dude sir man !!!

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