vineri, 11 decembrie 2009

Roman freed !

Xmas comes but one a year ! si cred ca asta era rezolutia mea. Dupa cum apare si in dreapta, "free Polanski"
M-a spart titlul. Si tonul. "Polanski Gets Away With It Again." Si am zis ca nu mai scriu despre asta pina la verdict. Dar se pare ca s-a solutionat.

Auteur Roman Polanski, child molester extraordinaire,"
vai, ce jurnalism neplacut si inteligent nevertheless, dar destinul l-a mai ajutat pe Roman odata, asemeni protagonistului sau Oliver Twist sau alter-egoului sau Pianist, gencuie !

A hearing in the Roman Polanski sex case has reportedly ended without a ruling. The Associated Press reports that a California appeals court hearing ended without a ruling on Thursday, after three justices heard arguments from prosecutors and attorneys representing Polanski and his victim. Polanski's attorney, according to the AP, asked that the criminal case against his client be dropped, and a Los Angeles appeals court is being asked to decide whether it should order a Superior Court judge to dismiss the case without the director present in court. The AP reports that the justices are expected to issue a written ruling on the matter.

Yeah, and it made my day ! ahem, my morning !

acum o sa se vinda mai bine jucarelele, "Hatz, mai Limba,(pardon, Jack) tie ti-a crescut nasul !!!"

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