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Top Concerte 2014

Concertele anului 2014
(all on the personal and subjective, ja ?), und with a bit of trish ies 11
(meaning this goes up to Eleven ? ;-)
si toate sunt din seria: with a little help of my friends !!!, special thanx to Marian :)
1. Sharrie Williams Band Brasov Jazz 4 decembrie /Sighisoara ten times and more
Why ? check out Sunete magazine, decembrie 2014
Thanx Andy and Sharrie, Lars, Attila, Sjan and Padá :)

2. Calibro 35 -Carbonia, Sardinia, 12 octombrie (graZie a Vlad !)

3. Crimson ProjeKt –Garina Jazz Festival 12 iulie (cronica la Fest in revista Sunete)
4. Steve Coleman Five Elements-Mozaic Jazz Festival, Sibiu -15 noiembrie (cronica la Mozaic in revista Sunete)
5. Bob Dylan Sala Palatului 25 iunie
-My Best Bobness show-out of three-
6. Jack White Romexpo 9 noiembrie
(cronica la concert in revista Sunete)
7. Peter Hammill-Sibiu, 7 august

8 a/b. Fernet -Brasov Dracula FF after party-4 oct & @Romi 27 dec (din seria: with a little help of my friends !!!)

9 a/b. Aria Urbana Brasov, Trippin/ 10 ian/ 26 dec (techically 27) , 1st and last (public) gig of the year !!! (with a little help of my friends !!!)

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