marți, 13 decembrie 2022

RIP Angelo Badalamenti

One of the great film composers, Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch's closest collaborator, died on Dec. 11th. He was 85. 

He worked with Lynch from Blue Velvet to Twin Peaks, Lost Highway,The Straight Story and to Mulholland Drive , and last again for the new Twin Peaks (2017), but he was a composer of great songs (for Nina Nimone, Nancy Wilson, Shirley Bassey, Marianne Faithull, etc), as much as scores. He won a Grammy in 1990 for Twin Peaks.

Worked close also with Jean-Pierre Jeunet (La Cite des enfants perdus, Une longue dimanche de financailles) and Paul Schrader (Comfort of Strangers, Forever Mine, Auto Focus, Dominion). Also did the music for Russian director Fedor Bondarciuk's war epic Stalingrad,Danny Boyle'sThe Beach, Eli Roth's cabin Fever and for Nicole Garcia's L'adversaire. 

Obituary in The Guardian.

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