marți, 20 decembrie 2022

The Banshees of Inisherin (2022)

The Banshees of Inisherin looks like it could be the film of this year, 2022, for me. 

Martin McDonagh impressed me (In Bruges, no. 5 in my top of 2008), psyched me (Seven Psychopaths) and dissapointed me as well (Three Billboards Outside EM, why? cos I expected more...)

But this,the Banshees is his best film until now, his most literary (the man is a great playwright as well, see “The Lieutenant of Inishmore,”a play from 2001), about ordinary Irish people on a small island, during the Irish Civil war, in 1923.  It's about friendship, it's about denial, depression, love, booze and ultimately death. I love McDonaugh's fascination with pets (cats, dogs or donekys), and their role in men's inner secret affections.

Colin Farrell  (named best actor at Venice Film festival, and up to an Oscar imo) and Brendan Gleeson have been up together on the big screen for McDonagh in his most impressive and personal debut, In Bruges (2008). Farell was also the lead in his LA fare, Seven Psychopaths (2012). But now they do a tour-de-force that reminded me of Waiting for Godot or Guinness drinkers Rosenkrantz and Guilderstern are Dead. I think these two plays could be good companions to The Banshees.

Superbe supporting cast-Kerry Condon as Farrell's sister Siobhan and Barry Keoghan as the dom Dominic.

Absolute gorgeous music by Carter Burwell,  McDonagh collaborator on all his four gigs. Burwell,Coen's fidelius musician and musicist is worth an Oscar (twice nominated,  maybe third time's a charm;)

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  1. I know this is your blog and you write however you want to write, but the typos God.

  2. this post was a draft,not meant to be publshed yet :(

  3. I understand now. Can you erase my comment?

  4. Your comment was right and the post was not supposed to be published like that. I hope it's ok now. Have you seen it? I am in the middle of revisiting all the other three McDonagh now, maybe Ebbing will fare better, but I doubt it tho.The second viewing in a theater left me dead cold. Bruges and 7 P's got even better, and Banshees I saw again the next night. Got to do with the characters I guess :) and empahsis :) Merry Christmas anyway, that was my feckin' present :)

  5. Have ye been rowing? I liked it very much. It's coming to our cinemas in February, that will be my second viewing. Merry Christmas, looking forward to your year-end lists :)