joi, 13 iunie 2024

Drive-Away Dolls (2024)

1st film directed by Ethan without his brother Joel, Coen that is.

Ethan was credited as a producer but the brothers directed together, that's what they say.

This is co-written and co-produced with his wife, Tricia Cooke. Also editor.

Drive-Away Dolls it's an UFO of sorts, noir spoof, lesbian comedy, pop stuff, mostly an acquired taste, very much a hit and miss. Nevertheless fascinating, cos' the gimmick of the suitcase in the trunk (started with Kiss Me Deadly, through Repo Men into Pulp Fiction) is here copious to say the least.

Margaret Qualley is irresistible as the boyish Jamie, loved her in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and in Poor Things, and I think she's in for a great career-coming up Some Kinds of Kindness and The Substance, both Cannes 2024 fares.

Cameos galore, from Pedro Pascal to Bill Camp, Matt Damon and even Miley Cyrus ;)

                                       Dedicated to Cynthia "Plaster Caster" (1947-2022)
                                                                     "We Remember" ;)

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