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Only the River Flows (2023)

Only the River Flows by Wei Shujun. Premiered in Cannes Un Certain Regard in 2023.

 He bian de cuo wu or in Romanian, Raul Ucigas (not That River Wild).

Saw this in the cinema in April this year, just me and some guy, ran for about 5 shows on a week...

so I feel privileged.

It's like a Chinese "True Detective", as much as a Chinese cop in 1995 can be living in a communist world, his inquiry in an abandoned theatre (cos' people don't go to the cinema anymore, the cinema gimmick used also in episode one of The Sympathiser: "Death Wish")

and i guess some inspirations by Tarkovski -dreams, visions, premonitions, more dreams or aren't they dreams...

music score from Beethoven to Howard Shore's music from Cronenberg's Crash, re-used here. And it quite worked.

quite a curio, not sure I understood all of it but that's my Chinese Democracy;)

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